Take Your Martial Art School To The Next Level

We help martial art schools succeed. Develop the skills and processes necessary to increase profits and improve work-life balance, all without disrupting the day to day running of your school.



The Financial Combatives system will align your values, goals, and processes so you can maintain a clear perspective on how to continue your growth. Financial Combatives will give you the tools and understanding to evolve the three main areas of your business: Sales and Marketing, Operations and Finance.


Financial Combatives can supplement or completely manage your sales and marketing efforts. We're experts in online sales and marketing and will work with you to customize and continually optimize your sales and marketing campaigns to help you attract and retain more students. 


We'll connect all your platforms to save you time and help you understand how your school is performing, tell you things about your students to help tailor your programs and optimize your ad campaigns, and help you reduce the number of students quitting each month. By reviewing your finances, student, and attendance data, we'll discover insights that support your decision-making.


Our head Financial Combatives coach, Chad McFarlin, recently received his blue belt. Chad has been helping companies and teams succeed for the past 25 years by developing technologies and applying the latest methodologies to overcome technical and business challenges. Along with decades of AAA video game and consumer and business application experience, we coach and offer technical expertise in areas such as machine learning and data science—with vast online marketing and production experience providing the know-how to effectively apply them to your school.


If there is anyone within 5-10 miles of you even remotely interested in martial arts, we’ll make sure your school is on their radar. Since we focus on martial art schools, we specialize in creating repeatable processes and tools specifically for you. We devote all of our energy into making you succeed.


(Our senior consultant, Chad McFarlin, is on the right)


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